Let us enchant you!

Sagas and fairy tales come to life here! Calafatti's heir, Basilio Junior, has unveiled the secret kept by his great great ... great grandfather and brings famous characters from Vienna's history to life at the "Miraculum". Let us transport you to a different world and experience the exciting stories with all your senses - in the special effects theatre "Miraculum". Elaborate magic tricks for young and old, served up in five dimensions. And you're in the thick of it all. You have certainly never seen anything like this before! What are you waiting for - let us enchant you!

Ticket prices  
  Adults Children Students/Retirees
Miraculum ** 5,00 3,50 4,00
Kombi Vienna Airlines + Miraculum 8,00 6,00 7,00
Giant Ferris Wheel + Miraculum 11,50 7,00 -
Triple Pack 15,00 10,00 -

** (height at least 115cm, minimum age 7)