Lift off with us!

You have to experience this: it's adventure, pure and simple! There is a tradition of flying in the Vienna Prater - ever since Igo Etrich awed the public with his "Prater Sparrow" in 1909. In the amazing "Flyboard" flight simulator, you are a passenger on the maiden flight of "Vienna Airlines" and will experience a breathtaking trip above the roofs of Vienna. With all your senses engaged. In five dimensions. Lift off with us!

Ticket prices  
  Adults Children Students/Retirees
Vienna Airlines* 5,00 3,50 4,00
Kombi Vienna Airlines + Miraculum 8,00 6,00 7,00
Giant Ferris Wheel
+ Vienna Airlines
11,50 7,00 -
Triple Pack 15,00 10,00 -

* (height at least 120cm, minimum age 8)