... and history goes on!

Tradition can taste this good! A place where you feel at ease, can tarry a while, savour and enjoy things. At the heart of the city - and yet in a different world.

Two hundred years ago, the name "Zum Eisvogel" stood for the very best in good plain Viennese cooking. For elegant surroundings and excellent service. For hospitality and outstanding quality. Our "Eisvogel" restaurant has opened its doors as the legitimate successor to this legendary forerunner - and opens up new worlds of excellent dining to you.

Enjoy Viennese dishes the way they are supposed to be made, a cellar full of superb wines, and wait service that will exceed your expectations. And all this right at the heart of Vienna - yet far removed from everyday life. Enjoy the very best in cuisine and service ... and this piece of history goes on!